149 minutes | Nov 9th 2020

Episode 140: Podcast Vixen

On episode 140 of "Don't Take It Personal" the guys start the show responding to positive feedback from "The Relationship Episode" and then react to the public backlash Jay Wil received personally. Topics discussed: - Men providing for women being more than financial (29:48) - A Tribe Called Quest vs. Outkast (40:45) - Why the south resents New York Hip Hop (42:43) - Blog Rap making rappers more relatable (55:53) - Kas’ Life Goals (01:11:53) - If Hip Hop needs a Hall of Fame (01:26:13) - The results of the election (01:40:55) - Jay Will details his sister winning her election for Harris County (Houston) Clerk and becoming the first black woman to hold the position (01:53:20) - A brief discussion on “Lovecraft Country” (02:12:45) Jay Wil - @jaywiletc Hollywood Kas - @smashinginabunkbed (Instagram)/@hollywoodkas (Twitter) Nahm Dee - @nahm_dee
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