38 minutes | May 10, 2020

Ep. 1 - Leslie Leupen - Chrisad

Tune in to hear Leslie Leupen tell her journey from a year of unemployment to a top performer as a Growth Management Rep.Highlighted tips she learned along the wayDon't disqualify yourself - sometimes we devalue what we bring to the table or underestimate our skillset - Apply for jobs even if you aren't 100% qualified - take a risk. Men will apply for a job if they are 30% qualified - women tend to apply for jobs only if they are 95% qualified. Men get hired for higher level positions because they tend to be bigger risk takers! Know Your Worth - Don't assume your boss will give you a raise - oftentimes we only get what we ask for. Know your END GOAL and set 2 years goals that inch you closer to where you ultimately want to be.
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