88 minutes | May 3, 2019

15: Interview with Julie Kantner from The Turtlenecks!

We've got a lot of insight into a real special slice of TMBG esoterica today, as we interview Julie Kantner, incredible songwriter and past member of John Flansburgh's college dorm band, The Turtlenecks! Jordan and Dave talk to Julie about songwriting, playing live, and we devote a lot of wide-eyed attention to the six-song Turtlenecks EP from 1981, put up by Julie on her Bandcamp page! We learn about some of the earliest unheard Flansburgh (and Linnell!) songs, and hear a lot of crazy and funny anecdotes about her and the college-aged pre-TMBGer! In the latter portion of the episode, Julie tells us about the inspiration behind some of her best songs released through her bands Fertile Virgin, Twig, and Uranium Daughters! She writes short, catchy, fun and lyrically complex rock songs, and we think all TMBG fans would go nuts for her music! Check out all of her stuff, including the Turtlenecks EP, at https://uraniumdaughters.bandcamp.com ! 

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