10 minutes | Mar 30, 2021

Ep 038: A Business Spring Clean

It's finally here!!! Spring has arrived and I have to admit that I'm doing laps of the garden. I love spring so much. I love the buds starting to open. The birds rushing around outside my office getting their nests ready. And I love the promise of the warm summer nights to come.  It's a great time to have a spring clean (thus the name!) and not just at home but also in your business. Pruning your business and clearing out what you no longer need gives space for stronger shoots to grow. So have a listen to today's show where I'm sharing my top tips to giving your biz a spring clean. Enjoy!   Highlights: {1:52} What does cleaning your biz actually entail? {2:17} How it could actually save you money {3:45} We only have limited amounts of energy, so let's use it wisely {4:05} Why it's a good idea to spring clean our beliefs {6:35} The top 5 areas to focus on first Links: Free 30 Day Success Plan to map out the next 30 days in your business and what to do each day to start bringing clients in >>>HERE Episode 007 with Jess Farrell >>> HERE Video from 2015 of me talking about this >>> HERE (trying not to cringe!)
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