15 minutes | Feb 16, 2021

Ep 031: Client Attraction

Where have they all gone? Seriously, when you started your business you were sure there'd be people lining up to purchase your offer. But your offer's live and all you hear is the noise of... well, crickets. It's time for a rethink. So in today's episode, I'm talking about how to attract clients to you without needing to beg or hold onto their ankles until they hand over their credit card! Highlights: {2:40} Why desperation does not sell well {4:41} How imagining your potential customers as cats can help {6:19} Top tips for attracting your tribe {10:19} Why not everybody is a customer (and that's a good thing!) {12:16} And most importantly...have fun! Links: If you want help with finding the clarity discussed in the show, come and join The Daydreamers Club and check out the 21 Day Dreamers Challenge in the units HERE Or if you're not ready for commitment yet (totally fine!) then you can come and creep on me HERE
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