12 minutes | Feb 2, 2021

Ep 028: Manifest Like a MOFO

In this episode I'm sharing with you just one of my many crazy-can't-explain-scientifically manifestations which I've encountered in my life. Seriously, I've seen it happen way too many times to have to believe in it even though the scientist in me is still looking for formulas to back it up! I also share my top 7 tips to manifesting anything you want (including busting the biggest myth when it comes to manifesting!) So if you're curious about manifesting, never heard of it before or think it's a load of codswallop, then come and have a listen and let me know your (kind) thoughts over HERE! Highlights: {1:29} What is manifesting? {1:49} Why a man chased me down the river with a buggy... {5:58} The 7 steps to manifesting {7:05} Busting the manifesting myth {8:57} Why you're repelling rather than manifesting {10:15} Manifesting or not...these steps will help you get what you want Links: Come and join me in the The Daydreamers Club or come and creep on me here >>> Instagram
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