6 minutes | Jan 26, 2021

Ep 027: Where's your Upper Limit?

In today's episode I'm talking all about your upper limit and what that actually is.  This is what Gay Hendricks talks about in his amazing book The Big Leap, which I can highly recommend and in it he explains that we all have a level that we are comfortable to and then when we exceed that limit, we start to self sabotage until we're back in our comfort zone. Just genius! So if you find yourself getting so far along with your goals and then suddenly finding yourself back at square one, this one is for you... Highlights: {1:39} Are you stuck at an income level? {2:32} How your relationship with your parents and their income level can effect yours {3:17} What are we protecting ourselves from? {3:55} Going live on social media is not going to kill you {4:32} The craziest decision I have ever made and how it smashed my upper limit Links: Wanting to start and grow your email list this year? How about this week?     There's still time to sign up to my 5 day FREE challenge, Think Outside The Inbox™ where I'll take you through not only the mindset you need to build your mailing list, but also a step by step process to set up your emails, your opt in, your thank you page and your nurture sequence (and what the hell all that means!).     Click here to sign up today >>> SIGN UP HERE
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