17 minutes | Jan 5, 2021

Ep 023: 2021 The Year Of...

This week is all about setting your intentions for 2021. These are not New Years Resolutions which are done once and forgotten about for the next 365 days. But genuinely deciding on what you want 2021 to be about and how you're going to start putting a plan in place to achieve that goal. As Jim Rohn said: 'You will either pay the price of discipline, or you will pay the price of regret' So decide now, are you really willing to take action this year to reach your goals? If so, come and listen to this episode for a kickstart into 2021. Highlights: {2:50} Choosing your word for the year and why this is an important first step {4:16} How to imprint goals in your subconscious mind effectively {6:01} Choosing the 'right' goal for you {7:03} Why you need to ignore the BS top layer {12:50} Choosing your Soul Team Links: Get your 90 minute Deep Dive Session with me for 50% off (first 10 sign ups) HERE if you want to nail 2021
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