51 minutes | Nov 7, 2019

You are what you eat Ep 16

How what you use for news entertainment and can effect your mental health In this week’s podcast, we focus on the epiphany, “you are what you eat/consume”. We mention that it can be taken in a way of what you actually eat and put into your body can affect it positively or negatively and can lead to good health or slow death. Sorry to be so abrupt but this can be true for other factors such as movies, books, news, etc.. All of these platforms can have a lasting effect on your mental state and decide whether you live a happy or miserable life. It’s important to find balance with the consumption of these sources and find ways to get your news from sources lacking other’s opinions. We both mention our own experiences with how these type of sources have affected us in our own ways. One example of an experience that created positive energy and inspiration for us is going to the art museum. Seeing how others from around the world express themselves is truly motivating. On the other hand, looking at news sources every time innocent black people are shot down can feel like you are carrying the whole weight of your entire race on your shoulders and will do more harm to you than you assume. It’s all about balance! Thanks for listening. Please subscribe and let us know how we’re doing! Where to Listen: itunes Spotify Google Podcasts soundcloud stitcher tunein Follow Us facebook.com/dontforgettobreathepodcast twitter.com/df2bpod instagram.com/df2bpodThe post You are what you eat Ep 16 appeared first on SolelySade.
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