42 minutes | Oct 21st 2020

To Not Live is Even Scarier

Patti Pokorchak knows what she is talking about when she tells us to live a life worthy of your dreams.  "Nothing except Rocket Science is rocket science. Everything is learnable." 
Born with a computer in her pocket, Patti was the first female in computers. Working for IBM at 25 years old, $50, 000 in her pocket, a sports car and boyfriend but not happy, she knew there had to be more. She had to make a choice and she did!
Do you ever feel that way? Want to be like Patti and buy a one-way ticket to adventure?  She says it is never too late and offers a fairly comprehensive plan to make it work. 
If this extremely shy woman who was scared of her own shadow can overcome the fears that would keep us feeling trapped, then listen in as she tells us how.

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