41 minutes | Feb 11th 2021

The Mission After the Wake-Up Shake-Up

Are you like most people who tend to put things off till later thinking later is just around the corner? Do you get caught up in your day to day routines believing that the things you put off won't be a problem? Then you might be a procrastinator. Veronica Hislop is a transformation strategist who specializes in helping women to stop procrastinating. She knows that putting things off is just a symptom of some deeper issue which she helps uncover.When Veronica had her Wake-Up Shake-Up call, she knew that things had to change. Now she coaches others so they don't have to experience a frightening episode before making life-altering changes.Through Veronica's professional designations and life experiences, she is a deep reservoir of practical tips and strategies. Listen and find out for yourself. 
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