47 minutes | Feb 25th 2021

Steps to Stop the Silence

Neil Dunsmore did the unthinkable to raise money for Mental Health in his community. He walked from Elora Ontario to our nation's capital Ottawa. He knows only too well the distance is 531 kilometers and even more he knows it is over 170000 steps.Over the course of many months Neil trained for this walk that took him 22 days to complete. As a former prison guard, he was used to training but he says there has been nothing like this before. And he still wasn't prepared for the journey.Listen to this Part 1 of his story to learn why he decided to take on this major project and how he prepared for it. As you hear how he was encouraged, you will become encouraged and inspired yourself.Part 2 next week will be about the stories of people he met and the serendipity of events that kept him going when he wanted to call it quits.This is one amazing story told by an amazing man.
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