20 minutes | Apr 1st 2021

Decision Making: Emotional vs Logical

Would you agree that we are exactly where we are based on the cumulative effect of all the choices made in our life? Some were made for us and others were made by us. When it comes to the choices that you made, what did you apply as your decision making tool? If you were just deciding what to have for breakfast, it would be quite easy and probably based on fast experiences. The difficulty comes when the decisions are important to our well being. Decisions like buying a house, a new car, a career and others. What can we do to help us make the right decisions?Studies tell us that there is no formal type education on how to make decisions. This is something usually learned through observing others like our parents and then by trial and error. Many use the all too familiar Pro & Con list which can be skewed according to our biases. And often the result is an emotional decision rather than a logical one.Here Merri presents the Cartesian Logic method of decision making. By asking 4 simple questions, an outcome would come about based on logic not emotion. Try it and see if this isn't a workable tool for you.
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