43 minutes | Apr 17, 2018

Tournament of Quizzards!

Season 6, Episode 5: "Tournament of Quizzards!" A Trivial Whodunit Written and Directed by Keith Suta! Ruby Kallen wants to be a great writer -- but all her plays have closed before they opened! To make ends meet, she writes trivial questions for the terrible but popular trivia program "Quizzards," hosted by her ex-, Gordon Clifton, and his Transistor-Reliant Intellegent Victor-Indicating Automoton (T.R.I.V.I.A. for short)! On the night of the very first Quizzards Tournament of Victors, the entire cash prize has been stolen! Now Ruby and Gordon have to find the thief while still making sure their live, coast-to-coast broadcast goes off with as few hitches as possible! Featuring: Sarah Suta as Ruby Kallen and a Hippolata Krinklesburg; Robert Dalton as Gordon Clifton; Kari Doll as Victoria Daily and the Reverend Mother; Randy Glynn as Professor Rememberer and Griffin Bergston the Third; Owen Burroughs as Vic Glass; Leyla Kirschner as T.R.I.V.I.A., Tori Trivium, and a Hippolata Krinklesberg, and Keith Suta as Mr. Announcer and the Condemned Man! Live sound effects by Kyle Suta and Liam Mayer! Recorded live at Bozeman, Montana's Verge Theater on July 9, 2016! What you hear is what the audience heard with no overdubs and minimal post-production on volume to try to make it comfortable to your ears! All sound effects were analog and executed live by our fantastic performers!
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