62 minutes | Nov 16, 2017

The Road to Murder!

Season 5, Episode 7: "The Road to Murder!" Written and Directed by Ryan Cassavaugh and Keith Suta! In our glorious Season 5 finale, Keith and Ryan hog spotlight and forego story for jokes, as their loveable reoccurring characters: Keith and Ryan! This time, our hapless heroes have bumbled into a scam posing as world-famous condiment designers -- and they're crashing the dinner party of "Hickory" Chicory, the richest sauce magnate in the world! But Chicory is under threat of a buyout from international interests and then, just as everything seemed funny, a mysterious set of sounds is heard and Chicory is dead! Keith and Ryan have to solve the case while keeping their identities secret -- but that's too much plot for these season-ending shows, so it's mostly a collection of gags and silly sounds! Featuring: Ryan Cassavaugh as Ryan; Keith Suta as Keith; Sadie Cassavaugh as Catherwood; Sarah Suta as Babette Molho; Leyla Kirschner as Himilsy Glossop; Richard Dunbar as "Hickory" Chicory; Ryan Lawrence Flynn as Bertram Chicory; and Harry Jahnke as Elias Kastike and Baldy the Eagle! Live Sound Effects performed by Kyle Suta! Recorded live at Bozeman, Montana's Verge Theater on July 24, 2015! What you hear is what the audience heard with no overdubs and minimal post-production on volume to try to make it comfortable to your ears! All sound effects were analog and executed live by our fantastic performers!
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