52 minutes | Jan 18, 2018

Mystico the Magnificent Mentalist in "The Mystery at St. Agnes' Home for Wayward Girls"

Season 6, Episode 2: "Mystico the Magnificent Mentalist in 'The Mystery at St. Agnes' Home for Wayward Girls!'" An Adventure Tale Written and Directed by Ryan Cassavaugh! Mystico the Magnificent Mentalist and his crew of stalwart companions return in a new adventure! Lillian has witnessed a crime and goes to the only person who can help her; along the way she and Mystico will face organized crime, The Mad Monk, and more fearsome foes in the Boman Kahn! Featuring: Pol Llovet as Mystico and Officer Sanderson; Harry Jahnke as The Mad Monk, Police Officer, and the Announcer; Leyla Kirschner as Athena, Newspaper Reporter, Police Officer, Commercial Woman, and Jane Q.; Ryan Lawrence Flynn as Mr. B, Professor Darwin, Doc, and John Q.; Ryan Cassvaugh as Kermit Wolfe, Boone Tolliver, and Andrew Jackson; and Rosemary Cassavaugh as Lillian! Live sound effects by Kyle Suta and Liam Mayer! Original music composed and performed by Deboarah Schuerr! Recorded live at Bozeman, Montana's Verge Theater on June 18, 2016! What you hear is what the audience heard with no overdubs and minimal post-production on volume to try to make it comfortable to your ears! All sound effects were analog and executed live by our fantastic performers!
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