17 minutes | Mar 25, 2018

EP8: Synthwave Hip Hop to the World Vol. 1

This podcast series features continuously mixed album mixes by Don Goliath. Each episode consists of one album. For all info on Don Goliath please check http://www.dongoliath.com This episode features Don Goliath’s album “Synthwave Hip Hop to the World Vol. 1” Artist: Don Goliath Label: Hip Hop Division Recordings Cat No: HHDR008 Format: digital Year: 2017 Tracklist: 1: When I Am Sleeping (ft Deathlike) 2: Cops Are Coming (ft Bedda) 3: Crosstown Showdown (ft True Word) 4: I Will Find You (ft Meszi) 5: Paper and Pen (ft SNiP) 6: Spray My Name (ft Menve Exus)
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