36 minutes | Mar 31, 2021

0210: The Self-awareness of Dogs with Dr. Ellen Furlong

Dog behaviorist and researcher Dr. Ellen Furlong from Illinois Wesleyan University describes some fascinating studies that reveal we may not know dogs as well as we think we do.This discussion was inspired by Yasemin Saplakoglu’s article in Live Science. Dogs Know Where Their Paws End and the World BeginsIllinois Wesleyan University’s summer term (June 1-29) offers Dr. Furlong’s PSYC 322: What Does Fido Know?Heartland Community College has the scaled down non-credit version running April 26-May  17.How Your Dog Thinks & Why It MattersEven though these are online courses, they have limited space. So enroll now.And listen to Dr. Furlong’s audiobook Decoding Dogs: Inside the Canine Mind on Audible.Interviews referenced in this episode:0147: Dog Behaviorist Dr. Ellen Furlong0207: Kansas City Animal Services with April Moore0130: Harrowing Tale of Parvovirus with Jesse ShroyerThe Parvo pup is Peaches’ friend Oakley. He is mentioned in this episode when we talk about dogs watching TV. Here's a video of Peaches playing in the snow with her friend Rosa, Oakley’s foster sister. At the end of the video is a few seconds of them watching themselves on TV playing in the snow. Please subscribe to our free YouTube channel to help us secure the Rosie Fund URL and visit RosieFund.org for links to all of our social media.Celebrate 5 years of Rosie Fund by supporting our campaign to sponsor 50 dogs. You can donate on our website or Facebook page. You can also contribute by making a purchase from the store on our website or buying a t-shirt at Bonfire.com.Music for this episode is provided by alternative string duo, The Wires. Visit them at TheWires.info. Learn fiddle and cello-fiddle online — even if you've never played before — from Laurel Morgan Parks and Sascha Groshang at FiddleLife.com.The transcript for this episode is available on the Dog Words Buzzsprout page: Buzzsprout.com/840565.
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