47 minutes | Sep 4, 2020

#29 Doctors Who Create

There is so much creativity within our community and we wanted to dedicate part of our platform to showcase those voices. In this long awaited episode, we hear from talented artists, board game creators, cartoonists, singers, writers and more! We would like to thank the following contributors for sharing their stories: Dr. Akshata Hopkins Dr. Lakshman Swamy (@laxswamy @CritCareGame) Dr. Nitya Rajeshuni Dr. Jack Maypole Virali Shah Dr. Nitin Kapur Dr. Jet Patterson The episode was edited by Darlina Liu. At Doctors Who Create, our podcasts are brought to you by Darlina Liu and Shiv Nadkarni. Social media outreach by Mekala Neelakantan. Music for this episode is credited to the band, Nightfloat. As always, please tweet us (@doctorscreate) with any questions, comments, or feedback!
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