36 minutes | Nov 9th 2020

229: Be Happy Now Masterclass on Boundaries

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Boundaries are important for life. We need them in our relationships, in our work, and with ourselves so that we can maintain a healthy lifestyle and mindset. In October’s “Be Happy Now Masterclass” we talked all about boundaries and what we can do to make them stronger. 


For so many people, doctors especially, the concept of having healthy boundaries is foreign. But they’re imperative to a healthy career and a healthy life. So how do you go about evaluating your own boundaries and building them back up? 


First, take a moment and do a self assessment. Do you tend to overshare? Is TMI your middle name? Then you likely have loose boundaries and you need to work on shoring them up. On the flip side, do you ever feel like there’s a force field around you, your emotions, and your ability to talk to others? Then it’s time to bring your boundaries back down. 


Listen as I share the seven most important things to remember about boundaries and the nine steps to take to improve yours. Your boundaries are meant to keep you healthy and sane, not isolate you from the world around you. 


After you’ve listened to this masterclass, take a moment and sign up for the November masterclass. We’re going to be talking all about frustrations and the healthy way to experience them and let them go. Will you be there? 


“No, is a complete sentence.” Dr. Errin Weismann


In this episode:

[00:30] Hey there, my friends!

[03:11] The ladies in the class share what they are doing.

[04:40] How boundaries contribute to being stuck.

[08:03] It’s important to have a physical representation of what your boundaries feel like.

[09:13] The seven things you need to know about boundaries.

[11:03] There are three different types of boundaries.

[16:20] Learn the 9 steps you need to take to improve your boundaries.

[20:59] Listen as I share a personal experience with the 9 steps.

[26:01] A quick story about a woman, apples, and the need to compromise with her boundaries.

[29:35] Your kick of encouragement.  



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