21 minutes | Oct 11th 2020

220: Transitions with Dr. Beverly Joyce

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Menopause is more than hot flashes and night sweats. It affects every woman differently and can have symptoms that range from anxiety to memory loss to depression. Why is it that women physicians who are making this transition know very little about the condition? 


Dr. Beverly Joyce has studied female anatomy her entire medical career. She has been in gynecology and obstetrics for many years but it wasn’t until she too was going through menopause that she realized how little even she knew about it. 


In fact, rather than believing she was going through menopause she truly believed she had dementia and was falling into the grips of alzheimers. She’s here to share more about this poignant transition in a woman’s life and what she is doing to help educate women everywhere. 


Listen as we chat about how hormones can impact menopause and certain additional conditions that it may cause. We also discuss the transitions that have impacted her life and how she became the Menopause coach! 


If things have been feeling off and you’re within that age range, it may be time to see if you are going through this transition as well. Just remember that it’s a normal part of life and you’re not going crazy! Dr. Beverly said so!


In this episode:

[01:13] Welcome to the show, listener turned guest, Dr. Beverly Joyce!

[01:44] Learn more about Dr. Joyce and her life.

[02:49] Where true transitions started in her journey.

[05:49] How menopause manifested itself in her life.

[07:16] Her goal is to help patients and other fellow women physicians navigate through menopause. Learn how she wants to accomplish it.

[10:18] Hear about menopause management and what women need to know.

[15:00] Errin shares her kick of encouragement!


“Menopause is not just hot flashes and night sweats.” Dr. Beverly Joyce


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