28 minutes | Oct 6th 2020

219: Married to An Alpha Female

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Craig and I are back to talk about all the things going on behind the scenes on the home front. First up is our trek into birthday land. Every year we make it a point to have a huge celebration for every one of the birthdays coming up each year. For pretty much all of Fall and Winter it’s a birthday every few weeks and we love it!


Another thing we’re loving is Craig’s role as the Director of Merchandise for Burntout to Badass. It’s not the easiest role as he’s found out recently. Several of our mugs have arrived completely destroyed. He’s learning the tricks of the trade.


You’re not going to want to miss this edition of “Things Craig Doesn’t Know.” Seriously...it’s pretty awesome. (If you think having a broken lawn mower that is beyond repair is awesome that is…) But it was one of those…”how did you not know this” moments. 


Craig and I have a blast doing these Married to an Alpha Female episodes. It’s so much fun to sit down and just talk out some of the things that are going on and give you a peek behind the scenes. Let us know if you love them as much as we do! We’d love any feedback on what you’d like us to talk about or what you’d like to know (so long as it’s appropriate!) 


We don’t mind a curse here and there but we do love our privacy! You ask and you may receive... but it never hurts to ask!


In this episode:

[01:33] It’s getting cold in Northern Indiana, but it won’t spoil the birthday fun for the kids.

[04:20] Craig has taken on a new job! Director of Merchandise for the Burntout to Badass course.

[06:32] Things Craig doesn’t know...and they’re juicy!

[10:29] Craig shares what is happening down on the farm.

[13:54] How corn is processed once they have pulled it from the field.

[20:30] Tips for being married to an alpha female.

[22:46] Listen as Errin gives a tip to the Alphas.


“Get your alpha to talk about how she can unload her plate of some responsibilities.” Dr. Errin Weisman

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