32 minutes | Oct 4th 2020

218: Depression vs Burnout with Dr. Michelle Curtin

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Mental health is one of the most important areas of our overall health, especially for physicians. But the stigma surrounding mental health has many doctors hiding behind burnout rather than find a solution to the underlying problem. While that may not be all of us, it certainly is many.


Dr. Michelle Curtin is passionate about helping young clinicians to understand the difference and to get their life and careers back on track from the beginning. Listen as she shares how you can keep a clear gauge on your feelings and emotions around your job and how to pull back. 


Michelle credits her ability to move and shift as she’s changed positions for helping her to build the support system that’s kept her grounded. She came out of residency completely burned out and she realized it was due to the fact that she’d left her friendships and relationships behind. Once she found them again, she experienced a huge change in her mindset. 


What is most concerning to both Dr. Michelle and myself is the number of people who associate the symptoms of depression with burnout. She recently gave a talk to medical students about the prevalence of pediatric depression and the questions she received all had to do with burnout.


There is a difference between burnout and depression. While one may lead to the other and vice versa, they require very different types of treatment. If you’ve been struggling with the difference between the two, then this is an episode you won’t want to miss. 


In this episode:

[01:28] Welcome to the podcast, Dr. Curtin!

[01:43] Hear about her background and what she is doing now.

[02:58] How she found her way as a young clinician.

[05:14] Errin shares a cool homework assignment she gives her coaching clients.

[09:19] Learn more about the ebbs and flows of Dr. Curtin’s journey in medicine.

[11:47] Why she did a recent medical student talk on depression.

[15:20] Physicians are a commodity for better or worse.

[17:01] Getting beyond burnout is not all about positive thinking.

[20:25] If you are at the bottom of the canyon and you believe things would be better if you are dead. Red alert: it's time to take care of you.

[22:50] Check out an organization called Physicians Mental Health.

[26:03] Errin shares her kick of encouragement.


“There are not enough physicians in the world, for sure. We are a commodity for better or worse.” Dr. Michelle Curtin 

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