27 minutes | Oct 4th 2020

217: Authenticity with Dr. Jessie Benson

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Perfectionism isn’t always a good thing. Especially when it holds you back from your dreams because you’re so scared of failure that you’re too afraid to try something new. Dr. Jessie Benson was living that life until she realized that she needed to be more authentic to herself and her dreams. 


Finally realizing what was holding her back from her happiness was just the first step in a very long journey toward realizing her happiness. But it was the word authenticity that started her on the path and it was letting the fear drop away that kept her going. 


Your value is not found in what you can achieve. 


Listen as Dr. Benson and I dig deep into why she became a doctor, what she’s doing now, and why her goal in life is simply to enjoy life. We only get one of them after all. She’s now a life coach and a professional artist while managing her homestead. 


Now that she isn’t shackled with fear she’s truly living her life. Dr. Benson shares all about her adventures, the new things she’s tried, and why she’s so happy to have found art in all its forms. I cannot wait for you to hear this inspiring episode, so listen in and bring a pen and paper.


In this episode:

[01:09] Welcome to the podcast, Dr. Benson!

[01:36] Dr. Benson shares her background and what she is doing in the world.

[02:19] Why she chose authenticity as her word.

[04:08] Learn more about her journey to find what made her happy.

[07:30] Dr. Benson speaks about her one, true goal, enjoy life!

[11:08] Why she took an eight-month RV trip around the US when she quit practicing medicine.

[15:06] People forget that they can be happy. They forget they can live their dream lives.

[16:00] Dr. Benson shares the year-long program she created called Brave is Beautiful. 

[17:43] Errin shares her kick of encouragement.


“In the end, I would rather have less and be me, and be happy than to have more and be doing something that is not me.” Dr. Jessie Benson


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