68 minutes | Mar 6, 2020

Episode 4: Jason Momoa's Aquaman

SUBJECTIVEIn episode 4, we ask the important questions about the Aquaman cinematic universe (and also spend a not insignificant amount of time thirsting after Jason Momoa).(I mean, look at him.)Anyway. What is up with the physiological class stratification of Atlanteans? Is blonde hair a curse? Why is Pinocchio so important to this movie? AND WHY WON'T ANYONE TALK ABOUT THE DINOSAURS??? We answer none of these questions and answer a bunch of other ones in this ep!OBJECTIVEResources, Citations, and Mentions:How Fish Gills Work, Today I Found Out, Sep 2011The Multifunctional Fish Gill: Dominant Site of Gas Exchange, Osmoregulation, Acid-Base Regulation, and Excretion of Nitrogenous Waste - David H. Evans, Peter M. Piermarini, and Keith P. Choe; Physiological Reviews, Vol 85, Issue 1, Jan 2005Pulmonary ventilation–perfusion mismatch: a novel hypothesis for how diving vertebrates may avoid the bends - Daniel Garcia Párraga, Michael Moore and Andreas Fahlman; Proceedings of the Royal Society B, Volume 285, Issue 1877, April 2018Do Whales Suffer From Decompression Sickness? by Sara Mynott, Nature: Saltwater Science, May 2013The breathing response of whales and other marine mammals is also triggered by carbon dioxide, but not until much higher levels than in people. — How do Whales and Dolphins Sleep Without Drowning? in Scientific American, Feb 1998Karathen is, in fact, Julie Andrews!The Depths Below - Ring of Fire, NOAAUndersea Volcano Eruptions Caught On Video, Discovery YouTube channelCorrections:Some sources say to NOT vent fish. Some sources say to do it. So... we don't know.Venting: A Guide to Releasing Reef Fish with Ruptured Swimbladders, Florida Sea GrantRockfish Barotrauma Information, California Department of Fish and WildlifeASSESSMENTDeepa: 7 out of 10 invisible chest gillsJen: 3 out of 5 crab people for narrative coherence, 5 out of 5 Khal Drogos for Jason MomoaOverall DC cinematic universe scale 15 out of 10 (only outpaced by Wonder Woman which is at 2000 out of 10)PLANSpecial thanks to Butterscotch Shenanigans for letting us use their podcast equipment! Check out their game dev comedy podcast Coffee with Butterscotch!Subscribe to our medical ramblings on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts! Rate, review, and tell your friends!Got a question or suggestion? Find us on Twitter @DocsWatchPod, or visit us at docswatchpod.com.Theme Music and SFX: Kevin MacLeod (CC BY) - RetroFuture Clean, Danse Macabre-Big Hit 2
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