90 minutes | Jul 17, 2020

Episode 12: Bloodsucking Rocks

SUBJECTIVEIn this episode, we talk about the vampire's curse, vampire epidemics, and... rocks? Does the vampire legend have its roots in real life disease? Probably not, but we'll tell you about some interesting ones anyway! Ultimately, this ep came to be because we want to talk about a very specific scene in Twilight, but figured it would be good to provide some folkloric context first. Little did we know, all of the vampire research we did has little to nothing to do with the Cullens — oh well!OBJECTIVEResources, Citations, and Mentions:Vampires, Burial, and Death: Folklore and Reality by Paul Barber, Yale University Press, April 2010Vampires: Fact, Fiction and Folklore, by Benjamin Radford, Live Science, October 2014The Great New England Vampire Panic, by Abigail Tucker, Smithsonian Magazine, October 2012A Natural History of Vampires, by Eric Michael Johnson, The Primate Diaries, Scientific American, October 2011“Chapter 3: A Virus with Teeth?” from Rabid: A Cultural History of the World's Most Diabolical Virus, by Bill Wasik and Monica Murphy, Penguin Books, 2013, pp. 65–89.CDC - Rabies, last reviewed September 2019Maranda EL, Heifetz R, Estes WA, Cortizo J, Shareef S, Jimenez JJ. Porphyria and Vampirism—A Myth, Sensationalized. JAMA Dermatol. 2016;152(9):975.The real-life diseases that spread the vampire myth by Stephen Dowling, BBC Future, October 2016Twilight Lexicon, ImogenThe Twilight Saga Wiki - VampireGenetics Home Reference - Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressivaWikipedia - Harry Raymond Eastlack, accessed June 2020Medical Mystery: Only One Person Has Survive Rabies without Vaccine—But How?, by Jordan Lite, Scientific American, October 2008ASSESSMENTDeepa: 1 out of 5 non-blinking eyesJen: 0 out of 5 diamond teethPLANSubscribe to our medical ramblings on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts! Rate, review, and tell your friends!Got a question or suggestion? Find us on Twitter @DocsWatchPod, or visit us at docswatchpod.com.Theme Music and SFX: Kevin MacLeod (CC BY) - RetroFuture Clean, Danse Macabre-Big Hit 2
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