36 minutes | Apr 30, 2019

How Co-Parenting Plays Out In Divorce

Co-parenting is the ability for parents to make decisions together. Co-parenting is a necessity, but when you get divorced, you need to determine if that’s even a possibility. Joining us to speak about co-parenting are Katy Mickelson and Karen Paige, divorce and family law lawyers at Beermann. Katy has been practicing exclusively in family law for the fourteen years that she’s been licensed. Karen both represents litigants and handle cases on behalf of the children, primarily as a guardian ad litem appointed by the court as well as serve as a parenting coordinator. Katy and Karen give the lowdown on co-parenting and lay down the importance of making important decisions on behalf of your child and how that plays out in a divorce. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the Beermann LLP community today:Beermann LLP FacebookBeermann LLP TwitterBeermann LLP LinkedInBeermann LLP YouTube
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