39 minutes | Jun 15, 2021

"Society is governed through fear": Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones

Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones MBELeila is joined by Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones MBE, Author and Founder of 'The Black Farmer’.PART 1, IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT –· Why Wilfred puts every success in his life down to guardian angels, understanding the importance and value in humanity.·  Leaving his secondary school in Birmingham with no qualifications to working at the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) for 15 years. ·  Understanding Wilfred’s purpose in life as a pathfinder. ·  Learning more about his book -  "Jeopardy: The Danger of Playing It Safe on the Path to Success" that re-examines the concept of “choice”.  RESOURCES & INFORMATION MENTIONEDwww.linkedin.com/in/theblackfarmer/?originalSubdomain=uk
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