13 minutes | Jul 29th 2019

0041: The Podcast Name Has Changed - Introducing, Ditch Your Limits

Yes, we've had a name change and the podcast is now called Ditch Your Limits. This is the show that will help you break free from your limiting beliefs and get you unstuck. I'll be challenging you to get real by being your authentic self so you bring more YOU, (the real you), YOUR voice, (your own voice), and YOUR message, (your authentic message) to the marketplace. Quick question ... Are you ready to be honest with yourself and have a spotlight shine on those areas that hinder you from doing what you've been called to do? If so, I'm going to be bringing you two episodes per week that will equip you practically (the execution) and spiritually (the inner healing) to help you get unstuck and change your perspective so you break free from your limiting beliefs, and maximise your potential. And I particularly want to focus on you making small changes that will result in big wins in your life and business.In the words of Jim Rohn ...“Success is a few simple disciplines, practiced every day; while failure is simply a few errors in judgment, repeated every day. There is power in small wins and slow gains.” Enjoy the introductory episode.For more episodes, go to:http://www.ditchyourlimits.comTrish
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