9 minutes | Mar 29th 2019

0037: The Curse of Over-Editing

When it comes to podcasts and videos, we all want to sound and look like pros, but is it possible that too much focus on editing can actually be a stumbling block to our success?I get it ... as coaches, speakers, consultants, we want to look and sound professional and that's good, but let me ask you this question ...What does professional look like?To some people professional looks like perfectionism and perfectionism itself can be used as an excuse to not get things done, or it can become a blockage to your success.One of the ways I learn is by watching and learning from people who are already successful in what I want to achieve.One such person I've learnt from, is Gary Vaynerchuk. I don't even drink wine, but in the days of Gary's Wine Library TV Show, I used to watch those shows just to get some video tips. And Gary once said that he had disciplined himself not to edit his videos or audios ... he published them raw.I know this would make some folks cringe, but this is exactly what I've started to do on Speak To Trish, and it feels so liberating.A Polished Performance Doesn't Guarantee More ViewsA recent survey revealed that people actually preferred the unpolished videos above the studio professionally produced videos and I hope these results are enough to encourage you to get out there and do your thing!When you get a chance, I encourage you to go check out Abdul Mohammed's videos on YouTube, particularly his earlier videos from 7 years ago. He used a flip camera to record his videos in his hallway with his string vest on. The lighting was so poor and his background far from studio quality, but just take at look at where he is today.Incidentally, I just visited his channel and he still records in his car - 5 years later!And check out the number of views he gets per video. Not bad for someone who doesn't even edit.Edit Your Media But Avoid Over EditingI need to say that in case someone thinks I'm suggesting you don't edit at all. The important thing is to maintain your authenticity!
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