8 minutes | Mar 28th 2019

0036: A Presentation Tip - What To Do With Your Hands

It's hard isn't it ... knowing where and what to do with your hands during a presentation.If you put your hands in your pocket, it's unprofessional, if you fold your arms you're being defensive but in my view, if you're directing a plane, the other two options are much better!Don't Be False, Let Your Hands Speak ... NaturallyI'm kinda joking about directing a plane, but for some, their forced hand gestures look just as though they are employed to direct the taxiing plane. :-)So how do you fix that? How do you speak as naturally with your hands as you do with your mouth?It's all in the heart!Have you ever watched a Jamaican, Nigerian, Caribbean person speaking? We speak with our hands, our eyes, our head ... in fact our entire body. And apart from being cultural, it's down to one thing ... passion!You see, when the heart is confident about what it wants to say, the hand gestures just become natural, rather than forced. Watch Gary Vaynerchukwhen he speaks. His hands are all over the place. He speaks with his eyes, his head and yeah, his entire body. I know Gary's not Jamaican, so I'm going to put his passion down to his Jewish heritage! Haha.Back to serious, the more comfortable you are with your speech and with who you are, the more natural your hand movements will be.Personally, I'm loving this new era of live video that we're entering into, because people are removing their "professional" masks and just being themselves.I say, say "goodbye" to the workplace communication training that forced you into phoney hand gestures and say "hello" to natural authentic.And no, you don't have to be Jamaican, you just have to be naturally you. :-)
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