25 minutes | Jul 11, 2020

Original Drama - The Story behind As We Forgive Them

MIM's Ashley Byrne is joined by writer and creator Richard Vergette and award-winning actor Joe Sims to discuss the making of As We Forgive Them.America, November 2008: the new President is elected amidst an ‘audacity of hope’. For newly elected Democrat Congressman, John Daniels, this should be a time of celebration. Instead he must decide the fate of his daughter’s murderer: should he exact revenge or grant redemption... or both?As We Forgive Them is a thriller with a twist. Written by celebrated playwright Richard Vergette, it stars award-winning actor Joe Sims as Lee Fenton and Richard Vergette as John Daniels. Andy Pearson is the newsreader. You can listen to As We Forgive Them right here on Distinct Drama.Directed by Andy Pearson and Mike Heath.Produced by Ashley Byrne and Iain MacknessAs We Forgive Them is a Made in Manchester/Dark Smile Co-Production in association with Ensemble 52 and was originally produced for The Independent Online in 2010.The programme is a Distinct Drama Presentation.This interview is an MIM Production for Distinct Drama. For further information, contact the team via the contact us page on www.DistinctNostalgia.com or by email info@madeinmanchester.tv 
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