43 minutes | Apr 23, 2020

S6E1 - Beyoncé: LEMONADE

Surprise! Season 6 is dedicated to Beyoncé’s masterwork Lemonade. Through in-depth, highly researched analysis, we follow Beyoncé on her transcendent journey from subjugation to freedom.

Today we unpack the visual album’s opening chapter “Intuition,” which features the song “Pray You Catch Me.” We’ll come to understand the curse that looms over Beyoncé and how she must take a leap of faith to overcome this curse for the sake of her family.

We also welcome our very first co-host Titi Shodiya. Listen to her podcast Dope Labs: https://open.spotify.com/show/3pCF6hcNsAHKlKAillCOuZ?si=d0UliQ9VTVOCcleDdEoTVQ.

A visual guide for this episode can be found at dissectpodcast.com.

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