35 minutes | May 17, 2018

Serving Up The Hard Truth: A Waitress Reveals What Servers Really Think When Guys Try To Date Them

If you're a guy who is trying to date a server, or you know someone who is, you have to watch this podcast, because we expose the hard truth of trying to date a waitress or bartender. We sit down with Brady, our favorite server/bartender, to discuss some of the lengths guys have gone to hit on and date her and her server friends.  We discuss questions like, "what do you think when guys add you randomly on social media?" "how much flirting is too much?" "what is the creepiest thing a guy has ever said to you?" "have you or your friends ever dated a customer?" (the answer is kind of shocking), as well as her suggestions if you keep giving a server attention and visiting her with hopes of dating her. 
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