34 minutes | Jul 10, 2018

Episode 8: A Serial Dater Reveals The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Dating in 2018

Today we have Jesse Peterson on our podcast. This is a very fun and informative podcast episode that looks at dating in 2018, whether you like it or not! Jesse operates the website Tinder District, and is a professed "serial dater" who explains what it's like to go on dates with a lot of different guys she meets online and in other places. She tells us about the good, the bad (or at least the weird), and the ugly. We also discuss how guys and women both can make themselves stand out and engage others effectively in the cutthroat environment that is modern dating (hint: guys, ask a girl out at the time you're getting along with her, NOT by googling her, stalking her Instagram, and messaging her on there days later). 
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