35 minutes | Aug 7, 2018

Episode 10: A Short, Average Guy Tried Online Dating, Wrote A Book About It And Here's His Story

For this episode, we have a great conversation with Vince Guaglione, author of Confessions of a Middle-Aged Short Guy With No Game: An Average Joe's Observations from the Deep End of the Dating Pool. Vince is a self-described "average Joe" who is middle aged, short, and has no "game." So, what's it like basically being "average" and trying to date both online and in real life? Hint: average isn't always good enough! Vince explains some of the funny things that happened to him along the way, including women choosing to leave singles events rather than engage any of the average guys in attendance. And, it's not all bad news, because when writing his book, Vince discovered tools to overcome some of the limitations of being average. We discuss some of the ways average guys can get a leg up in the dating world. Be sure to check out Vince's Twitter, personal website, as well as the Facebook page related to the book, where guys can share stories and insights related to dating: The Average Joe's Dating Confessional.         
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