32 minutes | Jul 7, 2021

Mac Conwell: A Rarebreed

RareBreed Ventures is a pre-seed fund that invests in exceptional founders outside of large tech ecosystems, earlier than everyone else. Unlike other pre-seed funds, RareBreed takes a concentrated portfolio approach by writing checks of up to $250K as the first or one of the first investors. McKeever "Mac" Conwell II is the founder and managing partner of RareBreed Ventures.  We speak with Mac about the path that led him from founder to Venture Captial. Mac is a former software engineer and a two-time founder. One of Mac's companies failed, the other went on to a successful exit.What you will learn Why it's important to lead from conviction in business 00:17:49 Why many VCS miss profitable opportunities with founders from nontraditional backgrounds 00:15:17 Why the culture of Venture must change 00:23:41
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