16 minutes | May 23, 2021

Bad Batch Ep. 4 "Cornered" (The Bad Bois)

“A child stolen is a hope lost.” Today, Wiese, Blake, and Hayden are discussing the fourth episode of The Bad Batch. In this episode we go over the events of the episode, and talk about theories as well as the appearance of a character from The Mandalorian. Wiese finds the timeline of the things slightly confusing, Hayden still wants to watch Clone Wars, and guess what? Blake still thinks Omega is force sensitive. Have any of your own personal thoughts on this episode? Or do you have any theories of your own on how the rest of the show will play out? Reach out to us and follow us on Twitter and Instagram! You can also email us at disneyplustheboys@gmail.com And please leave a review! It helps us to be seen by other potential listeners and helps the show to grow. And we’d always appreciate you sharing. Intro and outro music by GeriArt from Pixabay --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/disneyplustheboys/message
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