86 minutes | Oct 8, 2018

*Not Kid Friendly* Episode 15: Time to Get Drunk at Disney

Today we sit down with Drunko and Rhiannon from the 3 O'Clock Parade podcast to discuss their new book. Drinking at Disney: The Travel Guide for the Enlightened. We find out what inspired them to write this book, the tale of their first time meeting, and what kind of friendship they have behind the scenes. This Episode focus heavily on what adults can do at Walt Disney World Resorts and there is strong language so please be aware.     You can find them here: Drunko https://twitter.com/DrunkAtdisney Rhiannon: https://twitter.com/DefiniteDisney Their Podcast: https://twitter.com/3OclockRadio     Do not for get that they are still trying to raise money for the Steve and Jordan's kidney transplant. You can find Jordan and Steve's GoFundMe here: https://www.gofundme.com/steves-kidney-journey Follow them on Twitter @AngrySplashLady and @IQ_Adventures!   Find Us On Twitter Benson : https://twitter.com/BensonCalure Matt : https://twitter.com/DaddyDoesDisney Kasi : https://twitter.com/TheMouSeekers Jessica : https://twitter.com/Destination_MK Jordan : https://twitter.com/JordanGhastly Steve : https://twitter.com/thedayofsteve Jeremy : https://twitter.com/magicgeekdom Wes : https://twitter.com/WesKinetic  
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