66 minutes | Oct 29, 2018

Disney at a Distance Episode 18: Universal, Creepypastas, and Randomness Oh My!

It is our Halloween episode where we talk about the spookies and the creepies. That's right we are going to talk about Universal! Haunted Horror Nights to be exact. We have three guests on this episode; Shawn, Sam, and Shannon. The three S's! Sam and Shawn discuss what they enjoy about Universal's Halloween Horror Nights, despite Matt being very adamant about not knowing what it is they are talking about. Then we get downright spooky as we discuss creepypastas and haunted stores. It is Disney at a Distance, so you know there will be some randomness! Sam: https://twitter.com/Reverend_Freako Shawn: https://twitter.com/shawngorlando Shannon: https://twitter.com/PunzelBelle28    Links Slender Man: Wiki – Creepy Pasta Mr. Bones Wild Ride: Know Your Meme Marble Hornets: Wiki  –   YouTube Videos A Memo to Disney Cast Members: The Story   Do not forget that they are still trying to raise money for the Steve and Jordan's kidney transplant. You can find Jordan and Steve's GoFundMe here: https://www.gofundme.com/steves-kidney-journey Follow them on Twitter @AngrySplashLady and @IQ_Adventures!   Find Us On Twitter Benson : https://twitter.com/BensonCalure Matt : https://twitter.com/DaddyDoesDisney Kasi : https://twitter.com/DisflicksTidbit Jessica : https://twitter.com/Destination_MK Jordan : https://twitter.com/JordanGhastly Steve : https://twitter.com/thedayofsteve Jeremy : https://twitter.com/magicgeekdom Wes : https://twitter.com/WesKinetic Jackie: https://twitter.com/superenthused
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