65 minutes | Jan 8, 2021

031 - Lalita and Ashley of Recovery Life Apparel are Living by Example in Recovery

Wow!  What an episode.  I am proud to know Lalita and Ashley.  They have overcome a lifetime of addiction and struggles and then some.  To prove that anything is possible if you live by example they have launched Recovery Life Apparel and are blowing up.

You have to check them out on Instagram.  You'll fall in love with them.  I am inspired by their videos and "put it all out there" attitude.

In their own words from their website:

By providing loud, streetwear influenced style, we aim to portray a positive and trendy view into what taking charge of your life and making positive change looks like. We are dedicated to sharing our message of hardship, addiction and alcoholism- and how we have created opportunity for ourselves by taking ownership and through creativity-we simply believe ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Each design represents in some form, transformation and is meant to ignite a look inward, to ultimately step boldly into your true self, without fear, but with confidence. IT'S A VIBE.

The words I use to describe Lolita, Ashley, and Recover Life Apparel are joyful, exuberant, loving, giving, proud, and daring.  After listening to this inspired interview you'll understand.



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