85 minutes | Aug 23rd 2020

Episode 124: Ernest Goes to Campania (ft Kenneth Crum)

The boys are joined by sommelier Kenneth Crum to discuss Campania, which absolutely deserved like 3 episodes. File this episode under "you might learn something" because holy shit do these wines kick ass. Duck DOES accuse one of the producers of child sacrifice, but we're pretty sure that's just a joke and absolutely not legally actionable. Bottom line - listen to Kenneth when he tells you not to sleep on a wine region, and follow him at his adventures making wine in California and beyond. ////List////
Casa di Baal, 'Fiano di Baal, 2016 //
Monte di Grazia, 'Rosso IGT Campagnia,' 2012//
Mastroberardino, 'Mastro Aglianico Campania IGT', 2017////

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