35 minutes | Apr 11th 2018

Artificial Intelligence in Search: Intelligent Hype or Artificially Hip

During this podcast Virgil Carroll and Ben Tilley from Funnelback talk about artificial intelligence and machine learning. The conversation focuses on how these types of technologies can both help and hurt search results depending on how they are set up.  According to Tilley, “Being able to use some form of natural language processing to extract information out of your written text and turn that back into structure is a great way you can start to improve search.”  Our two search gurus discuss how the structure of your content can play a significant role with search and give some pointers about how you can get started making changes to your search system.  Artificial Intelligence and machine learning can be extremely helpful when it comes to improving search.  This podcast gives key pointers for you to consider so you can make smarter decisions about AI and machine learning.


Guests: Ben Tilley

Hosted by: Virgil Carroll


Tools discussed: https://www.funnelback.com/blog , https://www.wolframalpha.com/ , https://www.westpac.com.au/ , https://www.funnelback.com/blog/artificial-intelligence-why-the-farmer-killed-the-fox ,

https://www.funnelback.com/blog/intelligent-question-answering , https://www.funnelback.com/blog/is-the-future-of-search-proactive

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