107 minutes | May 20, 2021

Todd Talks – Encountering Zion Part 23

*This is the Bi-Weekly Saturday Bible Study recording from May 1, 2021* Welcome to our show Todd Talks with BRIDE Ministries’ Senior Leader, Todd Edwards. This episode will be featuring the series Encountering Zion, we are coming to the finale of Isaiah and his revelation of Zion. In this show, Todd will be in Isaiah 66. In this study, Todd will talk about the judgment of Babylon and restoration of Israel. You will receive revelation as you listen about confirmation after confirmation of YHWH rescuing His kids out of Babylon. You will get understanding of the heavens and the earth, and what the millennial kingdom really looks like. This is NOT a study about Political Zionism. Todd Talks episodes are meant to engage the hearts, souls, and spirits of those who listen. This will be an extremely insightful and exciting show that you will not want to miss! Who is Todd Edwards: Todd Edwards is a senior executive in a software company and has over three decades of experience in building enterprise sales organizations. Todd Edwards is our Senior Leader at BRIDE Ministries International and a close friend of Daniel Duval. Follow Along with Todd Talks: Prayer Strategy: When you go to study the Word, tell your spirit to submit to the Holy Spirit and to the voice of Yeshua, and wherever you want to go, go!Key scriptures to follow along: Acts 17; Zechariah 8:1-11; Genesis 49:25; Zechariah 8:6; Genesis 45:7, 7:23; Zechariah 8:13-17; Genesis 1:1, 2:1; Deuteronomy 31:28; Revelation 20:9, 11; Genesis 14:13; Deuteronomy 32:1, 4:36; Romans 1:20; Isaiah 66:15, 63:3-6; Revelation 19:11-16; Genesis 2:7; Isaiah 66:15; and Leviticus 26:26, 28.
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