129 minutes | May 4, 2021

071: Paul and Linda McCartney - Ram (1971)

As we’ve discussed on this show before, rock critics are sometimes terribly, terribly wrong. When Paul and Linda McCartney released Ram in 1971, not only was everyone still mad about the Beatles breaking up, but the album was just innovative and groundbreaking enough that plenty of the tastemakers of the time just didn’t get it. Fortunately, the general public has known for quite a long time that Ram is amazing, and there’s recently been a big critical re-assessment of it. We’re here to help that process along. It’s an excellent album, containing some of McCartney’s best work, and we’re doing our best to convince anyone who is still in doubt. Cohosts: Amanda Rodgers, Ben Marlin, Mike DeFabio, John McFerrinComplete show notes: https://discordpod.com/listen/071-paul-and-linda-mccartney-ram-1971Support the podcast! https://www.patreon.com/discordpod
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