8 minutes | Oct 8, 2021

Eric and Tina Oakley Choosing the Right Putter

On today’s DGAM Daily we have Eric and Tina Oakley on the show and continuing with their 2 perspectives series on putting. This time they talk about picking the right putter and being confident with you putting.

If you were to ask someone which is the best putter you are going to get so many different answers. Bead..no bead..microbead. Deep dish or shallow...and on and on. It really comes down to what you are comfortable with. This is one of those things that you will need to practice with a few different putters.

Picking a putter you are comfortable with gives you confidence. You need confidence to make putts. You think Ricky Wysocki walks up to an 80 foot putt and tells himself he will never make that putt? NO WAY. He is telling himself that he has practiced that shot over and over and can make it. That is why your mindset is so important in every area of your life and in disc golf. 

Watch the full video on the Whale Pants YouTube Channel - 2 Perspectives Putting

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