59 minutes | Jun 9, 2021

Episode 3: Decolonization

Elizabeth Wislar, Dede Ayite, & Clint Ramos discuss decolonizing the costume imagination. Decolonization is the active resistance against colonial powers. It is a shifting of political, economic, educational, cultural, & psychic independence & power to a nation’s own indigenous peoples. Decolonizing art requires an unlearning of white supremacy; a de-centering of Eurocentric ideals of art, aesthetic, & design; & the dismantling of institutions that are steeped in colonization, including capitalism & white American theatre.Mentioned In This Episode:History of SingaporeColonialism in Singapore TodayColonization in The PhilippinesFilipino-American Colonial MentalityColonialism in GhanaResisting Colonialism in GhanaEpigeneticsCognitive Behavioral TherapyScott Rudin Abuse AllegationsMore From Our Guests:Conscious Costume Profile of ElizabethElizabeth's WebsiteDaily Beast Profile of DedeDede's InstagramClint's Column for DeadlineClint's WebsiteAdditional Resources:Racial Equity Tools for DecolonizationThe Fashion and Race DatabaseDecolonizing FashionEurocentric Beauty StandardsSustainability & ColonialismVisit our Bookshop for more reading recs!Find Us Online:Donate or Join Our Patreondirtylaundrythepodcast.comHost: Johanna PanProducers: Shayna O'Neill & Johanna PanMusic: Jay OngAudio Engineer: Justin SabeEpisode transcript
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