78 minutes | Sep 11, 2018

#123 - Danielle Arsenault - Raw Food Chef - Talking The Plant Paradox, Incorporating Raw Foods into Your Diet, and Overall Health on a Plant Based Diet

Danielle Arsenault is a passionate Raw Food Chef and Educator. She has received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Drama Education and a post-grad degree from the Masters of Teaching Program both from the University of Calgary, a Living Foods Lifestyle Education Certification from the Ann Wigmore Institute in Puerto Rico, a Raw Food Educator Certificate from the Raw Foundation Culinary Arts Institute in Vancouver, a certificate in Permaculture Design from Sadhana Forest in Haiti and is also certified as a Colon Hydrotherapist. She is the author of 5 plant-based cookbooks and her most recent book, Heal and Ignite, was published in 2017. With these under her belt, her professional career includes a stint as professor at Pacific Rim College in Victoria who created and developed several plant-based nutrition courses there, a Raw Food Chef and Nutrition Consultant at Aqua Wellness Resort in Nicaragua, a TV Show Host and Keynote Speaker. Her TEDx Talk, “The Power of Plants” has over 25,000 views on YouTube. She often holds Yoga Retreats where she partners with Certified Yoga Instructors and caters the food during the retreat. She is also a contributor to several popular health blogs, including youngandraw.com, healingthebody.ca, elephant journal, zhou nutrition and earth therapy as well as regular contributor to the popular Canadian fitness and running magazine, Impact magazine.   Find Danielle:  Website: http://pachavega.com   Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/pachavegaliving   Instagram feed: http://instagram.com/pachavega   Twitter: http://twitter.com/pachavegaliving   One on One Coaching:  Do you want to weave together your inner passions and have them reflected in your outer world? Are you feeling stuck in life and need a boast? Do you just need someone to help you take the next step?   Sign up for your free Life Alignment and Confidence Coaching Session  Http://dirtinyourskirt.com/coaching       Show Supported by:  Four Sigmatic - http://www.foursigmatic.com Use code: DIYS to save 10% on your order   Groove Life – www.groovelife.com Use Code: DIYS10 to save 10% on your order   Find all the Dirt in Your Skirt Partners Here.     Full Shownotes:   http://dirtinyourskirt.com/podcast/danielle-arsenault/ Join the Facebook Group:  http://www.dirtinyourskirt.com/tribe Support the Show: http://www.dirtinyourskirt.com/support   
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