81 minutes | Jul 6, 2021

Episode 150 - Ruth Croft 2021

Kia Ora Whānau. 150 episodes!!! That’s like three years of Dirt Church Radio! Everything comes up gold with this one, as Matt and Eugene speak with Western States runner-up and all round LEDGUND Ruth Croft. This is an incredible conversation with an amazing human being. Ruth takes us on a deep dive into the preparation, performance, and atmosphere of Western States and talks us through her (very well deserved) recovery. We also get the chance to do our shortest Greatest Run Ever, Announce the winners (yup, you read right) of our Tarawera Ultramarathon competition, the mailbag, in which we unwittingly fire the shots in an inter-island vert war, Speed Freaks, racing, Matariki … gosh, there is a lot.  To you dear listener we offer our most heartfelt thanks that you have allowed us onto the trails with you. We love what we do and being part of this incredible community only makes it all the more sweeter. See you on the trails. Enjoy.
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