85 minutes | Jun 1, 2021

Episode 145 - Mark Green

Kia Ora Whānau. Lots of people say that they have run all their lives but by the time Te Anau’s Mark Green was 12 years old he had run 20 half marathons. Mark really HAS been running for nearly his whole life. After training as a physiotherapist, Mark went on to spend several years in London and Sydney working with runners to make them stronger and faster. Wanting to give their children the outdoors-based life that they had enjoyed, Mark and his wife, Kylie, moved to Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains, 400m from the trails that make up the UTA. Mark gets after it in a big way, having come 4th at this year’s UTA 50km, and with podiums at the Six Foot Track Marathon and Kepler Challenge, Mark embodies a love of running with a mindset to continue to strengthen and improve one’s well being. This conversation is incredible, Mark lays down the knowledge on so many levels from performance, the importance of strength training, and the downlow on some of Australia’s best races. Mark’s talk makes sense, and above that we’ve seen the fruits of Mark’s methodology up close as he trains Eugene for WUU2K. All that, and the usual Stuff You Should Know, including our very special Tarawera Ultramarathon giveaway.  Enjoy.
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